‘Human Rights roughly violated’: Ombudsman’s extraordinary report on Police Regiment case

‘Human Rights roughly violated’: Ombudsman’s extraordinary report on Police Regiment case

Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan made an extraordinary report on July incidents. From July 17-31, HRD Hotline N. 116 has received more than 200 reports on 335 cases of deprivation of freedom. Throughout July incidents, 179 complaints have been addressed to the ombudsman related to the hindering of lawyer’s entry to the police station wrapped up in written complaints and alerts, also the visits to the police stations.

As far as violations towards the journalists are concerned,  the ombudsman has reported that manifold violations were been in place, the rights of the journalists and operators of Azatutyun.am, A1plus, Panorama.am, Lragir.am, ArmLur.am, Panarmenian.net, PAN-Photo, 1in.am, NewsPress.am, “The Armenian Times” media, as well as “Armenia” TV and LifeNews Russian media have been violated roughly. The ombudsman told that during those days propaganda of overt hatred and violence was being conducted. Arman Tatoyan stated that violations by police are recorded and there is a detailed report on what parts the violations had taken place within.

He said that the police have implemented illegal interference in the protests, they were seeking a way to prevent the protests. The police explained the violations basically the following way – that a special operation is being done, actions are being carried out: “Not a sole body was able to ground that the organizers of the protests had other objective but to carry out peaceful protests.

Also, Yerevan City Hall did not ban conducting protests.” There is a reference in the report to why during those days people were being jailed, as well as to the assessments of the utilization of drugs by police. As to the application of specific measures, Arman Tatoyan told that July 29 was the pinnacle when the police used special measures, inadequate measures: “Although principally the police have right to utilize specific measures, they were used inadequately.” The ombudsman told that in the result of the application of specific measures damages were caused both by the residents of Sari Tagh, and journalists. He told that at night he had been in the house of Sari Tagh which had previously been on fire in the result of the utilization of specific measures: “There were children and the environment dominating there was impermissible.” The ombudsman noted that Davit Manasaryan, Vaghinak Shushanyan and Andranik Aslanyan had suffered violence. Overall, pursuant to the ombudsman’s estimation, Human Rights have been roughly violated during the July incidents.

Hripsime JEBEJYAN         

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