Yearn for mandate

Yearn for mandate

8 (12) rebels of the “Tsarukyan” alliance who despite their “alliance boss” will demand their mandates from law perspective they were absolutely right, from politics perspective maybe they also have arguments. But in the case of our National Assembly, the standards of law or politics almost are not applicable. They are “boyish” standards, according to them, Tsarukyan does not want you, where are you squeezing? Or you were glorifying Tsarukyan during the pre-election period, who has done them a favor including them on the list,  why you suddenly went against your glorified benefactor’s will? It would not also be fair to say that those “boyish” approaches are completely wrong, it is simply a social level, which is common not only to that political force. Moreover, it is common not only for political forces. Actually, if the standard is who has brought more votes, who has spent more money, who is whose relative, in that system is meaningless to talk about the political team.

What connects, for example, Ararat Zurabyan or Napoleon Azizyan to Gagik Tsarukyan? The same aesthetic or philosophical views, the same visions about the development of economics, education or culture? No, the agreement unites them: you will spend this much money, will bring this much votes, will glorify the party leader, will not talk about other themes, for that you will appear on a such and such place on the list or you will get an opportunity to pass on the rating list. The sides can have a different vision about how their agreements were reached, and from here probably some “misunderstandings” arose.

What has motivated these 8 to “protest” and obviously spoil relations with Tsarukyan and endangering human dignity fight for mandates? Probably someone has “poked” them. They being on the status of “taken and brought back”, of course cannot be engaged in serious political activities in the parliament. But probably they do not need it. Of course, it is preferable not to sign under the document of giving up the mandate (I exclude that the adults did not know under what document they are signing) or not to have political agreements. But anyway, Tsarukyan would have told them if you do not want to sign you would not be on the list, dozen of people are yearning to become a deputy. But that “rebels” also are yearning. They need the deputy mandate for something. Definitely not for legislative work.


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