Campaign difference

Campaign difference

How many times they say that Yerevan City Council elections are also political, because political forces participate in  (and of course, that is correct), anyway, parliamentary elections campaign should differ from City council campaign in terms of tactics. The target of parliamentary elections was Serzh Sargsyan (despite the circumstance that he was not nominated) and according to our citizens, to course him is a sign of opposition and courage. During the parliamentary campaign, a candidate was going to TV, saying what they wanted to say and also adding that we have a dictatorship and the freedom of speech is being suppressed in the most brutal way.

Our non-governmental organizations in the same spirit write reports to “Freedom House” and other organization and rejoice with the rough assessments the international organizations make, which opens an area of their future activities. One cannot complain about the dictatorship during Yerevan City Council campaign, and offending Taron Margaryan is not perceived as an act of a heroism. When people see that the blasphemy for 10th or 20th times remains unanswered (by the way Andranik Margaryan, former PM of the Republic of Armenia, father of Taron Margaryan, treated same way), they start to think is that blasphemy that dangerous.

In short, in the case of Yerevan City Council, no acuity is needed.  Not to mention that when they start to abuse everyone then if you try the same style and unwillingly hit your friends. Maybe the problem of dictatorship and democracy solves by this style, but the problem of the public transport and unsafe buildings, I suppose, does not. There is needed more thorough, more practical professional approach based on calculations. In the case of city economy, you cannot say “I know a sheik, he will invest billions.” As before the billions (if they even exist) you should know what system of transport you want to set up in the city. That is science which requires deep knowledge and studies.

… No, in the case of City Council elections fresh approaches are required.



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