Clause of time

Clause of time

We always say there is no need to follow the formalities. I have also said so. But during the years I understood that the form is very important. If I eat with a knife and a fork it changes the content of eating. If I shave every day even if there is no “production” need, then I increase my self-esteem. We start to highlight the form parallel to our experience. Or maybe we will never highlight them and stay “forever a teenager”.

Of course, there are people, whose behavior I do not like, but I would not course those people on Facebook today, moreover, I would not mention the parent of that person. How some of our respectable advocates do. Because it discredits all the advocates and the profession generally. Today I could have written my thoughts within the rules.

Today I will not be rude to the journalist who gives me even the most unpleasant and absurd question. As it discredits not only me but all the journalists. I will find such phrases that in one hand will show that question is not correct (if I think so), on the other hand, I will not offend anyone.

But I intentionally add the clause of time – “today”. As it is absolutely not true that I haven’t done it before. I have done it, and I deeply regret about it. Just unlike many people, I understand that before writing about someone’s shortcomings I write (maybe first of all) about me. The story of highlighting the form was its simple example.

Russian theater critic Andrey Maximov has an interesting book, whose subtitle is: “For those people who has confused themselves with a stone”. The concept is that the stone can be on the edge of the road for centuries and not to change. But we the people always change, man himself is a process and if someone answering the question “what kind of person are you” says “I am kind”, “I am evil”, “I am lazy”, “I am talented”, “I am strong” and so on, he confuses himself with a stone. The answer should be “I am different”.

It is possible that tomorrow, 5 or 10 years later some things that I say will appear to me unacceptable and objectionable. It is possible that I will be ashamed of them. The one who says that he hasn’t done such thing has not got mature. But that is a curable disease. The clause of time is very important.



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