About ‘bread bringer’ legend

About ‘bread bringer’ legend

As political forces and Facebook brave oppositionists have already collected all the possible and impossible and also personal dividends from the death of Arthur Sargsyan, as I have promised, I will try to speak about that person and legends around him calmly, of course understanding that even now when passions are calmed down, I will be criticized by “internet fidayeen”.

“Sasna Tsrer” armed group, according to the materials of the preliminary investigation, has attacked police regiment, killed policemen, has kept hostages,  has burn cars, has robbed an ATM. So, supposedly the group has committed several serious crimes. Should police surround that area? I suppose it had to. Should it push back the attacking protesters and politicians who were leading them to slit the police barrier and “join the guys”? Police had to. Was Police acting professionally and within the law in Khorenatsi street and in Sari Tagh? No, policemen were acting sloppy, usually disproportionate and illegal, Human rights defender has written about it in his report in detail. But the shortcomings of police do not neutralize the supposed crimes committed by “Sasna Tsrer”. (I repeat “supposed”, as it is known after the court verdict person can be considered as a criminal).

Do the policemen who had surrounded the area had to bring food from “Dolmama” every day? In my opinion, no. The policemen had to keep the vitality of the members of the group and especially of hostages at some level, which was being done judging by the fact that no one has been famished. Arthur Sargsyan somehow slit the police barrier to bring them food, that is to say, he has also broken the law.  Was it mandatory to choose detention as a preventive measure? I suppose no, he could not impede the investigation. Arthur’s deaf of course is on the investigator’s conscience who has decided to detain him twice.

The bravery of Arthur, his kindness and honesty are worthy of praise. But to heroize illegal behavior, make it a standard, means not to have other examples, other heroes, and the mythology.

In my opinion, the hero is the man who is standing on the frontline of his motherland with the weapon given by the country, not the one who drives his car in the direction of the police barrier.



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