Problem – to become politician

Problem – to become politician

In my opinion not only I but also many citizens of the Republic of Armenia want Karen Karapetyan to remain in the office after 2018, that is to say to be the first person in the country. The problem is not that we do not have better candidates, just taking into consideration the political reality – there is no better candidate in current situation and in current authority system. Merits of Karen Karapetyan are known, and there is no need to list them, but merits, I shall repeat, are relative, not absolute, but how Stalin said: “we do not have other writers”. Karen Karapetyan has no problems in managing the economy and in regulating issues in various fields. His problems are in political field: Karen Karapetyan has not become a politician yet. But that is not a verdict taking into consideration his aptitudes: the Prime Minister can learn a lot during this year if he is not reluctant and of course, does not think that he knows everything.

In my opinion, a modern politician is the one who is ready that in any place, at any opportune or inopportune moment at least 25 girls will “jump” at his face armed with phones and little cameras and who will answer to any, even not correct, not a meaningful question. (I do not share the view of my generation in the theme “these sites ruin the real journalism”. There you also should consider the reality – the internet is mean to transfer “the products” of both real and “unreal” journalism).

The situation is new for everyone even for the politicians: 10 years ago it was not like this – the member of parliament, the minister, the prime minister could hide in their cars, in their rooms, and in their castles and from time to time have “sterilized” press conferences. But now their every step, conditionally speaking, is under the control of “brigade” of 25 people. Shmays and Tokhmakh finally were discredited because of their inability to communicate with the press. SAS’s Artak and other alike “characters” have 2 ways: either not to come to National Assembly, or embarrass every time talking to the press. The chief of police persists the test for 2-3 minutes and then passes to police vocabulary. The PM does not persist either, he gets nervous and starts to respond the questions angrily. This behavior is wrong and is a result of political inexperience.

I claim that the modern politician should be cold-blooded and tolerant. These are not inborn attributes and one could get them through self-upbringing.  But the politician should not think “why should I do it because of some girls”. These girls have thousands of readers.


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