‘Police officers’ actions escorting Postanjyan out of RPA office -lawful’

‘Police officers’ actions escorting Postanjyan out of RPA office -lawful’

“I didn’t’ witness violence there, the actions of the police officers were lawful,”- this is what the assistant of the Head of the Prosecution’s Special Investigation Service’s department Sevak Hovhannisyan told the press when asked whether it was lawful for the police officers to force violence on a Yerevan city mayor candidate Zaruhi Postanjyan  at the RPA’s pre-electoral office.

It should be noted that earlier police officers took Zaruhi Postanjyan out of the office while using violence, and tried to get her into a police car to arrest her.

According to him, the video has been watched by the working staff. “A citizen has reported it to the Nor Norq’s department and only after carrying out some appropriate inspecting actions, can we talk about new legal assessment. It’s soon to make judgments about the legal assessment now. I didn’t’ witness violence there, there was supposed to be some judicial process and it was supposed to be held according to the requirements of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The actions of the police officers were of course lawful. What happened there, which was asking people, who were not supposed to be there, to leave, was lawful, at least from the point of the Criminal Procedure Code.


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