‘Taron Margaryan will never again to buy that much cognac’, Edmon Marukyan

‘Taron Margaryan will never again to buy that much cognac’, Edmon Marukyan

“I am telling you officially and with full responsibility; The Municipality of Yerevan will never be the municipality, which it was yesterday as there is the “Yelq” bloc. Taron Margaryan will never again be able to buy that much cognac, spend the ineffective measures; he simply cannot”, the “Yelq” bloc deputy Edmon Marukyan assured Aravot.am.

Edmon Marukyan answered our observation which said that their credentials would not be sufficient to put a breakthrough in the Mayor’s decisions; whatever they wanted they would put to vote and won, ”It will be sufficient; we are talking about mutual suppression, the election does not decide everything. The decision may be held but we will have our role in the formation of public opinion and in the balance actions. For example, the decision is made to buy cognac. Under the control of the ”Yelq” bloc, it will be bought at the cheapest price and there will be no rollback at least in that decision like it used to be. Have they decided to buy a bench, e.g., for the city? Thanks to the efforts of the “Yelq” block the bench will be bought at the cheapest price and the city budget will not be wasted. This we are talking about. It is clear that we are not the majority so we cannot make decisions but on the other hand, we have many projects that our group can do lobbying, accept and implement to let the city know that it is the “Yelq” bloc project.

By the way, Yerevan Elders Council the RPA member Naira Hayrapetyan talking with us about Nikol Pashinyan announcement that the benches which Taron Margaryan  bought for 160.000 drams, professionals had said that those could be made for 65.000 drams, denied, assuring that it could not have the same quality standards, they were buying the cheapest and quality. In this regard, Edmon Marukyan said. “The company, which makes the benches, produces a number of things, which consumes only the municipality. So, we can assume, that someone said to e.g. John to open an LLC, produce benches, stuff for trees, bin, anything the city needed and they would buy from him. And we say we are in favor of competition. We are trying to take those corruption situations out of shadow economy for shopping will be done at cheap prices. This we are talking about. In Yerevan city, there will be more benches, with better quality thanks to “Yelq” bloc.

Hripsime Jebejyan

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