How will Ara Babloyan punish naughty deputies?

How will Ara Babloyan punish naughty deputies?


“I cannot imagine that something must be changed, we must work, the responsibility increased, I hope I will do what the people expect from me,” said the Parliament president candidate Ara Babloyan, answering journalists’ questions in Parliament.

To a journalist’s observation that, according to some analysts, his appointment as the Parliament President was temporary, Ara Babloyan said, ‘Time will tell.”

He answered to the question whether it would be easy to replace Galust Sahakyan,”In any case, everyone has their own experience, Galust Sahakyan has a great experience both in political and parliamentary life. However, we needed to learn the lessons and we need time to be able to demonstrate our ability.” Ara Babloyan will not get embarrassed and will turn to Galust Sahakyan if it is necessary.

As for the question about punishing naughty deputies, he says that he is a pediatrician and he has He enjoyed working with children. I will make deputies feel ashamed if they are absent or if they bring fake reference.

Nelly Grigoryan

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