‘Conscience took them toward the RPA ruling party:’ Pashinyan mocking ‘Tsarukyan alliance’

‘Conscience took them toward the RPA ruling party:’ Pashinyan mocking ‘Tsarukyan alliance’

NA was choosing vice presidents.

A deputy of ‘Yelq’ Edmon Maruqyan said that he has good and bad memories from the previous NA convocation and he remembers how Sharmazanov was turning off the microphones of the opposition depriving them of the right to vote.

He asked whether Sharmazanov will try to be more patient and tolerant in this NA, and will not turn off the microphones of the oppositional deputies to give them an opportunity to express themselves.

Sharmazanov answered that he’ll turn the microtones off if the deputies violate the NA regulation law. He said that he supports hot debates and alternative opinions, but not the violation of law.

‘Tsarukyan alliance’ has put the candidacy of Miqayel Melqumyan as the NA Vice President.

Nikol Pashinyan asked Melqumyan: “Right now there are two opposition parties at the NA and the number of the deputies of these two factions together is 40. ‘Yelq’ has 9 deputies, and ‘Tsarukyan’ faction 31. ‘Yelq’ has suggested an opposition candidate and by secret voting, we got 12 votes. What’s your comment on this? Why did your faction vote for the candidate of the RPA, instead of ours?”

Miqayel Melqumyan answered that their alliance made a political decision that each of the deputies can vote according to their conscious, whatever they think is the right thing to do.  

Nikol Pashinyan mocked: “It’s strange and sad that the conscious of the members of the faction took them toward the RPA ruling party and not the contrary”.

Pashinyan said that their faction will vote for Miqayel Melqumyan, regardless of the personal attitude towards the other candidates.

Parliament will hold the NA Vice Presidents’ voting tomorrow.

Hripsime Jebejyan  

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