Lawyer, ‘Punitive processes against ‘Sasna Tsrer’ and their advocates have started’

Lawyer, ‘Punitive processes against ‘Sasna Tsrer’ and their advocates have started’

During the discussion entitled “Are the lawyers’ operations hindered in the framework of “Sasna Tsrer” criminal case?”, lawyer, Ararat Khandoyan’s defender Ara Gharagyozyan announced, that he met with his defendant, who is in a bad condition.

He told that he was beaten in the court of general jurisdiction of the first instance of Avan and Nor Nork communities. Areg Kyureghyan, Smbat Barseghyan, Gagik Yeghiazaryan and Mkhitar Avetisyan were also beaten. 15-20 police officers attacked and beat on my defendant’s eye, head, and some parts of the spine. There are injuries on his feet, under his eyes. Punches and kicks were particularly severe on his head. And the policemen were well aware relating which body parts my defendant had acquired health problems when protecting the borders. Moreover, all this happens in court, and we are looking for justice from the “justice” bodies. We will start a process, I will make a report on the crime”, the lawyer stated.

He informed that after his entry into Nubarashen Criminal-Executive Institution his injuries were recorded by a doctor, and he will make an inquiry about it. “Whom will we present the report? To people, who I don’t believe will make an objective consideration. However, this is a way to apply to the Prosecutor General’s Office. We do not have particular expectations, so we will also apply to the European Court. This is a punitive procedure that has started against the “Sasna Tsrer” and their defenders. If such people are beaten, it is not ruled out that the lawyers or the citizens who come to the court session are next. By the way, the bailiffs collect and use their personal information illegally. This is inhumane cruelty that is carried out by the authorities. This is a regress of human rights. Widespread violence is being carried out by police”, Ara Gharagyozyan warned.

According to him, when entering the court, a search is conducted under the name of the examination, and they are trying to get into the lawyers’ bags, “Yesterday I took water with me, and the court bailiffs said I had no right. I told him to show a legal basis for that, and at that moment someone in civilian clothes says: throw him out. Ethical rules are not followed. I had to call the Human Rights Defender, and only after their intervention, I was able to take water with me. In fact, the authorities are afraid of a public trial, as illegal charges can be destroyed, that is why they are making a live wall with the policemen in the glass hall”.



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