EU holds a discriminative attitude towards Artsakh

EU holds a discriminative attitude towards Artsakh

“The EU has no policy towards Artsakh, there is a partnership program, which has a certain annual budget, which aims at establishing contacts between the peoples of Artsakh and Azerbaijan”, says the director of the European office of AGBU Nicolia Davidyan. He believes that this is not enough. Moreover, it is just a reason for different European officials to say that they carry out works in Artsakh. Nikolia Davidyan made remarks during the presentation of “Europe’s Engagement in Artsakh” campaign.

By the way, many Armenians living in Europe have addressed letters to various European officials, including the EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, trying to understand when Europe is going to implement programs in Artsakh. The answer was: after the settlement of the conflict. Meanwhile, there are other unrecognized states where different EU programs are implemented: through “Eternity without recognition” program the EU carries out various programs in Abkhazia, Northern Cyprus, and in many other unrecognized states. Artsakh is the only unrecognized state where the EU does not implement such programs. “That’s not fair. There is a war too, that’s a matter of human rights”, says Nikolia, noting that regardless of time and form of settlement of the Artsakh issue, there are people today who need to protect their rights, “Our goal is that EU officials and organizations assist the NKR people”.


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