Bako Sahakyan’s contribution over the past ten years is enormous: Artsakh MP

Bako Sahakyan’s contribution over the past ten years is enormous: Artsakh MP

Independent member of the Artsakh Republic National Assembly Arsen Arstamyan told that he will vote for Bako Sahakyan during the transition period.

During the last two presidential elections, as a citizen, I voted for Bako Sahakyan’s candidacy. Now I also support him. I think that re-election of the incumbent president for the transitional period is correct, as well as taking into account the enormous work done by him over the past ten years. Bako Sahakyan’s contribution in state-building is very obvious”, the MP clarified his decision.

Referring to the Artsakh issue settlement, Arsen Arstamyan notes, that Artsakh’s political leadership has always stated that the Artsakh conflict cannot be solved without Artsakh’s direct participation, “How to solve a problem when the direct problem-bearers do not participate? I believe that the introduction of confidence-building mechanisms is especially important in the frontline. Azerbaijan continues to refuse it for a very simple reason: the Armenian side never attacks and violates the ceasefire regime. Azerbaijan is always the violating side, in that case, it does not want to introduce confidence-building mechanisms”.


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