One-year symbol: Hayrikyan to Minister of Education and Science

One-year symbol: Hayrikyan to Minister of Education and Science

The Minister of Education and Science Levon Mkrtchyan promised to substantiate whether 15 million AMD provided for hanging the photograph of President Serzh Sargsyan in schools is a great sum or not. And the necessity to hang them in schools he has described as follows: “At schools the symbols of the Republic of Armenia are hanged, for example, our coat of arms, the RA President is among the system of symbols.” Assuredly, Levon Mkrtchyan is correct, Serzh Sargsyan is among the RA symbols, but he holds the office for more than 9 years and less than a year has remained until the end of his term of office.

With this regard, National Self-Determination Union leader Paruyr Hayrikyan noted: “Well, their comments on why they hang the photographs are clear, but that symbol has less than 1 year to remain, right? It is a symbol of solely 1 year, it is neither an anthem nor a flag to last.” Paruyr Hayrikyan emphasizes the fact of drawing that position out via Constitution, in essence: “It was a position which was being elected by the people and was a value. And now it has been replaced with a president elected by this or that quality of MP without any essential role. And a question arises – if the president elected by the people was a bad thing, was a stupidity, a roguery, why Serzh Sargsyan continues to rule? They have altered the Constitution for the Armenian people not to have that dirt, that bad thing, have they not? I am surely of another opinion, the people should themselves choose the president, the prime minister, the judges, but according to them it is a deception. If that system has spared itself, let Serzh Sargsyan leave the office from now on.”


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