‘We do not want anyone to be killed, but war requires defense,’ Davit Babayan

‘We do not want anyone to be killed, but war requires defense,’ Davit Babayan

Davit Babayan assures that if the Russian Federation sells S-400 missiles to Turkey, the Republic of Armenia will also have the equal weapon

The anxiety and hysteria related to our “Iskanders” in Azerbaijan deepen day by day. The analysts of Baku cherish great hopes relative to S-400 zenith rocket systems which are going to be sold to Turkey by Russia and which, according to them, can have a restraining factor against “Iskander”. “Aravot” conducted an interview with the Press Secretary of the President of the Republic of Artsakh Davit Babayan on this issue.

Asked whether he sees a threat relative to those S-400 zenith rocket systems that Turkey can give to Azerbaijan and create new problems for us, Mr. Babayan answered: “It has not been confirmed that Turkey has received the missiles ultimately yet. They speak such agreement is possible but no certain answer is in place. Generally, that agreement is to be viewed sooner from the perspective of Turkey-Russia-the West relations, especially when a serious pressure by the West, Pentagon is present for Turkey not to take that step. That agreement is very doubtful, it is possible it may never be signed as well. It seems that Turkey blackmails its main ally – the US, the West, which I do not think is acceptable to Washington, such disrespectful attitude. As regards weaponry delivery to Azerbaijan by Turkey, everything can be expected from them, they can deliver everything. If they have a nuclear weapon, a chemical weapon, they will deliver them as well. They deliver militants, weapons, armaments, the Generals and high-ranked officials of the General Staff of Turkey visit Azerbaijan frequently, overall, Azerbaijan itself has been made artificially by Turkish army, the same happens now. The deployment of those rocket systems in Turkey and the possible usage of it against Armenia will mean also usage against Russia. Eventually, Russian military bases are deployed in the Republic of Armenia. It is a very disputable issue. We should still wait for what will happen, something similar to a show is going to happen, without actual results. If suddenly that agreement is signed and Turkey tries to deliver that weapon to Azerbaijan, it should be precisely mentioned in the contract first and foremost that they have no right to deliver it to the third country. And if it is so, I am more than sure the Republic of Armenia will have the equal types of weapons, inasmuch as the balance is to be kept and will be kept. But I think that this is more a show and the caprice of Turkey and its blackmailing policy towards its neighbors.”

We asked how he would explain the anxiety in Azerbaijan relative to our “Iskanders”, whether they do not have the alternative against it bought from Israel, forasmuch as a view was in place constituting that Israeli missile defense system which Baku has bought, can resist “Iskander”. Davit Babayan replied: “They do not have, of course, they do not have an alternative. And you know what the issue is? Throughout these years Aliyev clan, spending so many weapons and armaments, has created an illusion for the society of Azerbaijan as if they are invulnerable. When we analyze the first and the second Artsakh Wars, we will see essential radical differences both in the aspect of weaponry – distance and etc., Azerbaijani side had probably cherished hopes which are an absolute nonsense, they wanted to use their new weapons, but make the war local, that is – solely the territories nearby Artsakh and Azerbaijan’s borders will suffer, as it happened during the first war, but no such thing will happen during the second one. April War has not been a large-scale one, it has been simply a blitzkrieg failure, the adversary has tried to solve the issue through blitzkrieg, locally – not letting a large-scale war happen. But the war will be large-scale and when they see that Baku is also vulnerable indeed, all cities and villages are vulnerable and the ones sitting there and shouting out that all Armenians should be massacred, but the so called officials not sending their children to army service will turn their own population, their own capital into a target, assuredly this will change the situation completely. And the people will give a question – is this the price? And why? Political, moral-psychological, military new fears, new expectations, and challenges the Azerbaijani society has felt. This is very important, for them to know – no local war will happen as happened in the first time. That is – to sit and have barbeques, caviar, I do not know what, bribe this one and simply speak pompously, send people to war and do not see what bombardments are, what death is in Baku? No such thing will happen. Understand, we do not want anyone to be killed, people who want a child to be killed regardless of what nation, they are not humans. But war is a thing requiring a defense in case they attack. This is natural and let no Azerbaijani official think that Baku or other cities are not going to become a target. This is a restraining mechanism.”

According to Davit Babayan, unfortunately, the state obsessed with fascism does not understand normal, reasonable suggestions, it solely has fears.





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