‘Gor Hakobyan fell from the first shot, but the second shot sounded as well’: hostage from abandoned building

‘Gor Hakobyan fell from the first shot, but the second shot sounded as well’: hostage from abandoned building

The question to the police officers given by M. T., who was taken a hostage by her boyfriend Gor Hakobyan in an abandoned building in Erebuni days ago, was the following: why did you kill Gor Hakobyan and not neutralized? Tells M. T. “The most concerning question to me was that because he is the man I love. It is true that at that moment he wanted to kill me because he was looking at my face holding the knife on my throat and telling – let us both die, but anyway, I was giving a question: why they killed instead of neutralizing? They told they did not have another option, they also did not want him to die, he was so weak that did not manage to stay alive until the hospital, the bullet had hit his carotid or somewhere else, it caused a bleeding. I have heard 2 shots and asked – why two shots? The investigator told me one shot was not directed at us, he failed to explain where the 2nd shot has hit, he told only one shot has hit his body, the 2nd one has not touched him”, informed M. T.

As stated by her, the police officers have negotiated with Gor Hakobyan before neutralizing for an hour, the latter was getting angrier: “But Gor Hakobyan was ready for sharp deeds for sure, as he was hitting me during that time and was keeping the knife on my throat. That man was unrecognizable to me at that moment, I do not know what was happening to him.”

As informed by M. T., Gor Hakobyan fell from the very first shot, but the second shot immediately followed the first one: “I have heard the second shot after he had already fallen. It seemed the shots followed each other immediately one after another, by 3 seconds of difference… he has been a very good person and I do not know what had happened to him that day.”

Let us remind you that M. T. was insisting that she had received the majority of injuries not by Gor Hakobyan, but because of falling down.

Let us also remind you that M. T. has also told she did not know why Gor Hakobyan was demanding 1 lawyer and 5 citizens.



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