Defence Ministry dismisses generals: ‘Zhoghovurd’

Defence Ministry dismisses generals: ‘Zhoghovurd’

Personnel changes and frequent cases of handing officers to law enforcement agencies implemented by Vigen Sargsyan, who was appointed Minister with the mission to do large-scale changes in the Defence Ministry of Armenia, has created a tense atmosphere in the Ministry of Defence. Everyone is holding their breath, waiting to see who will be Vigen Sargsyan’s next “sacrifice”, who is unconditionally trusted by Serzh Sargsyan.Zhoghovurd” daily reported that the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Movses Hakobyan will also leave his post after a while, and will be replaced by Onnik Gasparyan. In the circle of his close friends Movses Hakobyan shows that this treatment towards him is unfair. And to emphasize his superiority over the “youth”, especially in the last few months, he has started to take demonstrative steps to show that he is the decision maker in military matters, not Vigen Sargsyan, who can only be present at any meeting.


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