Record-breaking boy born in Gyumri maternity hospital 

Record-breaking boy born in Gyumri maternity hospital 

A boy with a weight of 5 kg 400 grams was born in Gyumri Maternity Hospital. Chief obstetrician-gynaecologist of Shirak region Felix Grigoryan told that he is a “giant baby”, such births are rare, there may be 1-2 such cases within a year.

Maternity Hospital director Vardan Sargsyan said that the baby was born in a natural way, and the mother is in a normal condition. “Not every day babies with such weight are being born, his weight was unusual for us too, we have had babies born with a weight of 4 kg 8 grams, 4 kg 9 grams, but births weighing more than 5 kg are too rare. Triplet girls were born here the day before, we put one of the girls weighing 1 kg 500 grams next to our newly born boy and they looked like a giant and Thumbelina. To put it shortly, our boy is Tork Angegh”, the director joked.

The newborn was named Aram, they are from the village of Dzitahankov in the Ani district of Shirak region. 31-year-old Shakhoyan Amalyan became a mother for the third time already: the baby has a 5-year-old brother and a 4-year-old sister.

The only employee of the family is the father, Hamlet Abrahamyan, who is traveling abroad to work in the Russian Federation. Currently he is abroad.




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