Gagik Parsamyan: ‘Armenian learners encompass high-ranking Polish’

Gagik Parsamyan: ‘Armenian learners encompass high-ranking Polish’

Famous painter, the president of Armenian Union of Gdansk in Poland, Gagik Parsamyan, who has been awarded the Medal of Honor of Knight’s Cross of the Renaissance of Poland by the Polish President, Andrzej Duda, is in Armenia. He informed about the purposes of his visit during the interview with “In the near future, 4 Armenian painters will be participating in the plein air painting in Gdansk, organized by the Painters’ Union of Gdansk, Armenian Union of Gdansk and the Hotel of the Local Actors”. He added that they have done everything for the event to take place within the frameworks of the events dedicated to the 650th anniversary of the friendship of the two nations and the sustainability between the two nations.

Gagik Parsamyan considers the opening of Armenian Union of Gdansk on one of the most famous streets of the city a worthwhile event in the lives of Armenians of Poland, among numerous events, which reminds of a little Armenia.  

“On August 13, Gdansk Municipality showed a very beautiful gesture, which referred to 650th anniversary, and space was provided for the seat of Armenian Union of Gdansk on one of the most beautiful streets of Gdansk – Mariacka. On September 13 of the current year, the official opening ceremony took place, in which the leadership of coastal region, the regional governor and other high-ranking guests participated. A wonderful opportunity has been given to us to present Armenian culture correctly. Both Polish, Armenian days of remembrance and holidays will be celebrated, and other events, the cognitive film displays, music classes. Classes of Armenian language teaching for grown-ups have started already, which are attended mainly by Polish. Moreover, there are some high-ranking Polish people among them as well.”



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