Their fight not against Armenia

Their fight not against Armenia

It seems everything has been said about Russian TV programs against Armenia, there is nothing to add in particular. Perhaps I should simply repeat that our attention towards foreign media is to a certain extent exaggerated – they are conscious of what they do, in the end. Moreover, it is not worth to self-sustain by writing “poisonous words” on those “media” and their representatives.

Assuredly, in anti-Armenian campaign the most rough and cynical was NTV. On why especially the mentioned channel had allowed itself extremely obscene expressions about Armenia, I can solely make assumptions: maybe the owner of NTV – “Gazprom”, is concerned with Karen Karapetyan’s future. But it is simply a version, it is not excluded that deeper causes exist, about which people standing closer to Russian reality know.

It is clear that the fight of Russian TV channels is not against Armenia. They carry out a propaganda war against Europe, European values, trying to distort them and misrepresent as an ideology contradicting to “Russian world”, Russian interests. I have already had an opportunity to write that in my opinion, it is not so. Simply some illusions appear in that country time to time about “its own path” or, if you want to put it so, “Russian genes”. This is the reason that the majority of “talk shows” is dedicated not to inner political, economic, social issues, but… Ukraine. Almost the same people gather and begin to “condemn” the neighbor country by shouting loudly. Well, sometimes they address other former Soviet countries as well, Armenia encompassed. Never mind, it will also end.

… And the last – merely professional remark: when Armenians are discussed as an ethnos by the TV channel of any given country, it is absolutely logical to invite any Armenian. When the Republic of Armenia is discussed as a state, it is more proper to invite an Armenian citizen as an expert. Furthermore, it is not important whether s/he is pro-government or opposition, pro-Russian or pro-West. S/he will represent a certain part of Armenian society. The speakers of all those parts act freely in Armenia, in contrast to Russia.


ARAM ABRAHAMYAN              

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