‘This is not a ‘slap’ but a preparatory attack on Russia’: NTV on Armenia-EU agreement signing

‘This is not a ‘slap’ but a preparatory attack on Russia’: NTV on Armenia-EU agreement signing

After the signing of the Armenia-EU agreement, Russian media actively criticise the fact of the agreement signing.

Russian NTV channel devoted a whole report to the Armenia-EU agreement signing, and moreover, it was more “anti-Armenian”, entitled “If a friend suddenly turns out to be…”. The gathered experts were discussing whether why Europe needed Armenia, there were opinions that Europe did not need Armenia at all, the signing of the Association Agreement pursued one goal: to make a fuss in the EAEU. The Russian experts also voiced opinion that once the European market appeared, the EAEU market would “lose”.

Another expert insisted that Armenia has demands from Russia, Russia hands little money to Armenia, it also raised the Nzhdeh conflict issue, stating that this Nazi criminal was called a national hero in Armenia, his statue was set up, and even an attempt was made to suppress the Russian media not to call Nzhdeh a Nazi criminal. He also considers Armenia-EU agreement to be a “slap” towards Russia. “This is not a slap but a preparatory attack on Russia”.

Addressing the criticisms in an interview with Aravot.am the Chairman of the Republican party organizational commission Ruben Tadevosyan said, that he does not want to comment on unsubstantiated opinions, and that the official Russian view differs significantly from the opinions voiced: “They all have voiced their personal views, and you know the motives. Let us be guided by official viewpoints, and the official standpoint is well-known. The delegation of the “United Russia” Russian party has recently been in Armenia, the Russian official opinion was given at the highest level on the issues you mentioned, which are radically different from those raised by those individuals. Naturally, they say contradictory opinions to serve different interests, but we know the reality”.

Mr. Tadevosyan assures that official Russia does not have a problem with the signing of Armenia-EU Association Agreement: “This agreement and the political process raise Armenia’s relations with other countries into a new level, there are no obstacles. Our actions have not hindered the political interests of other states and other unions”.


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