Oil and gas seekers in Shirak

Oil and gas seekers in Shirak

Geological investigations are being conducted to find oil and natural gas in a number of areas in the Shirak region, Amasia, Marmashen, Voskehask, Haykavan, Arapi and Kaps.

This was announced at a public discussion in Shirak regional administration. The discussion, the topic of which was the geological examination of oil and natural gas in the 1st and 3rd conventional blocks of the Republic of Armenia territory, the preliminary environmental impact assessment application and its expertise process, presented by the newly created “Armenian Oil and Gas Company” LLC, was attended by representatives of Nature Protection Ministry and Shirak regional administration, environmentalists, representatives of Geophysics and Engineering Seismology Institute, community leaders. Besides the exploration of the territories surrounding the Akhuryan river, the “Armenian Oil and Gas Company” LLC will also engage in exploration of natural resources in Lori and Tavush.

As it turned out, studies will be carried out through special devices, through seismic wave vibrations. “Cars will drive for about 200 kilometers in each region, having magnetic waves through geophones, and vibrators, go underground at the depth of 5,000 meters, which will register the number of free hydrogen to understand whether there is oil and gas in those areas”, was explained to the participants.



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