‘Armenia’s Defense Minister, first of all, violates Constitution,’ Arthur Sakunts

‘Armenia’s Defense Minister, first of all, violates Constitution,’ Arthur Sakunts

“Vigen Sargsyan as a Defense Minister, first of all, violates the constitutional principle that the church is separate from the state,” Arthur Sakunts, head of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor Office, told Aravot.am referring to defense minister’s participation in a church ceremony.

According to him, the provision that Armenian Apostolic Church has a responsible role in the life of Armenian people, cannot be a basis for such a behavior. Arthur Sakunts emphasized that the provision – the church is separate from the state – is the basis of the constitutional order. Pursuant to him, the phenomenon is unacceptable, meanwhile, it fully corresponds Vigen Sargsyan’s approach, which he has repeatedly expressed, that Armenian Apostolic church should have direct participation and role in the army. Sakunts believes that Vigen Sargsyan considers himself above the Constitution thus showing that his personal position is more important than the Constitution.

Arthur Sakunts explains that there would not have been such public response if Vigen Sargsyan had not presented nation-army concept: “That is to say, the defense minister as a political figure demonstrates political behavior, the purpose of which is to present that the nation is for the army, as well as for the church. This means army-nation-church trinity is being formulated which is fully unconstitutional. Serzh Sargsyan should be the answer to these questions and the main and immediate responsible person. No official in Armenia can take any action without consent or approval of Serzh Sargsyan. Otherwise, he may fire the official, who has demonstrated such behavior, immediately.”



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