Squabble between police officers and citizens: demonstrators close traffic

Squabble between police officers and citizens: demonstrators close traffic

A squabble took place between the demonstrators and police officers in front of the Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Justice. The supporters of “Sasna Tsrer” armed group decided to close the traffic of Arshakunyats Avenue and the police officers tried to remove them from the avenue by force. The issue was that one of the members of “For the Sake of Armenia-State” opposition front Karapet Rubinyan entered the Penitentiary Department and afterwards announced that he had been received not by the head of the department, but his deputy, who had not told anything precise.

Let us remind you that the demonstrators demand taking “Sasna Tsrer” member, hunger striker Armen Bilyan to a penitentiary department with proper conditions. As stated by Karapet Rubinyan, the deputy head had promised to address Armen Bilyan’s issue, however, the citizens do not believe in promises.

Let us add that Armen Bilyan has been holding a hunger strike for already 23 days and another defendant on “Sasna Tsrer” case, Smbat Barseghyan, for 21 days.

The demonstration ended, and the protesters returned to court, where the session on “Sasna Tsrer” case continued.


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