Kuwait Ambassador wants to invest in Gyumri

Kuwait Ambassador wants to invest in Gyumri

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Kuwait to Armenia Mr. Nawaf Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Enezi offered Gyumri Mayor Samvel Balasanyan to invest in Gyumri: to build something. The Department of Foreign Relations of Gyumri Municipality has developed 3 projects sending to the government to be confirmed. One of the projects is the construction of a stone building for the “Tsiatsan” preschool operating in a wooden cabin, the other two are the construction of sports schools.

Samvel Balasanyan presented this at his reporting press conference, adding that recently the Ambassador of Kuwait visited Gyumri, said he had a fund and would like to help this city. “We have already sent the projects to the government, I do not know how successful it will be, but I asked the head of government and said that we would present such a project, he said we could present, and they would look at it and make arrangements with them. There are funds that are trying to help us, even if they offer co-financing by 10 percent, 20 percent, we will be glad to participate. To be honest, I will not construct a road, but I will supply these projects with money because those are very important ones, we should be able to get rid of those cabin kindergartens”.

The Mayor of Gyumri mentioned that they also received offers of investments from Dubai. Gyumri Municipality has suggested to unite two cabin kindergartens and to build a stone kindergarten for 6 or 8 groups, they have even chosen the territory. The uniting kindergartens are to be “Mariam” and “Zangak”. “They have not responded so far, but we hope to receive a response from them”, said Samvel Balasanyan.


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