Turkish Kemal-supporting party member recognizes Armenian Genocide

Turkish Kemal-supporting party member recognizes Armenian Genocide

The member of the main opposition force of Turkey – “the Republican People’s Party” (CHP) of Kemal’s supporters, Canan Kaftancioglu, had posted a publication with the recognition of Armenian Genocide on “Twitter” micro blog in 2012. Turkish “Egehaber” media has referred to Mrs. Kaftancioglu’s scandalous announcements of the recent years, which have found place on social networks. In particular, in April 24, 2012, she had tweeted: “Today is the day of the Armenian Genocide. We commemorate our massacred Armenian citizens today in Taksim.” In another publication she mentions: “The ones criticizing “Peoples’ Democratic Party”-“the Republican People’s Party” alliance are mentally retarded.”

Besides, she has spoken against the widespread expression in Turkey – “we are Mustafa Kemal’s soldiers”.

Source: Ermenihaber.am

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