‘I always have Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation demand, always, every day and every second, issue stands in its implementation’: Pashinyan

‘I always have Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation demand, always, every day and every second, issue stands in its implementation’: Pashinyan

Oppositional “Yelq” bloc leader, Nikol Pashinyan told during the meeting with the presidential candidate, Armen Sargsyan, if current President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan tries to become the PM as opposed to his announcements, it will strain the inner political situation in the Republic of Armenia.

Today, during the briefings, Aravot.am asked Mr. Pashinyan what tensions he expected and if he saw a potential for the sharp start of the intensification of the situation in less than 2 months remained. He replied: “It is the question of the questions. I have said that question contains a potential for the intensification of the inner political situation within. The conversation with Armen Sargsyan and the emphasis we made was the following: let us record in essence that since 9th of April until at least the 31st the President of the Republic of Armenia will be Armen Sargsyan and in that period the government will be in a resignation and Serzh Sargsyan will have left Baghramyan 26, that is, his sole status will be the President of the Republican Party of Armenia. Suppose, if hundreds of thousands of citizens fight against Armenia’s Azerbaijanification coming to life by Serzh Sargsyan’s reproduction in that period, the status and the positioning of the president in power can be very important. We have attracted Armen Sargsyan’s attention to this fact and tried to know his stance as regards this issue. What he has replied, I will repeat that question during the parliamentary open session, he will answer and if there is difference in public and non-public responses, I will inform you about those differences.”

We reminded Mr. Pashinyan that the last time he demanded Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation in August 4, 2016, when he was responding to the questions of Facebook users. At that time he had said Armenia’s number one political issue is Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation, therefore, we asked whether he had the same demand today and why his political issue-list does not encompass Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation. He responded: “I am convinced Armenia’s number one political issue is not to allow that reproduction to take place now, and the second one is the demand of Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation. I, as the citizen of the Republic of Armenia, as a political actor, have it every day, every second, the issue stands in its implementation. Unfortunately, although fortunately, it would not depend on my will alone. I have suggested a solution to the public in that period in the same Khorenatsi Street, I have told them – such an issue is in place, which can be solved due to the willingness of our citizens, let us organize an expression of willingness now, if the citizens of the Republic of Armenia express their willingness. Back then we suggested them being in the streets, cities and squares, I consider myself a guarantor of the realization of that will, as a political actor. I consider myself the mentioned today as well.”

To the following question: “If the expression of will by the people was different, it comes out that no one wanted Serzh Sargsyan’s resignation except you?”, he replied: “For example, in July, 2016, there was a great chance for that expression of will to take place. At least, we would see what the public thinks. But inasmuch as the events evolved not into the wanted scenario and our friends from “Sasna Tsrer” armed group withdrew from the demand of Serzh sargsyan’s resignation, the further scenario is already familiar to you. At any moment, if it is possible to organize another request similar to this, we will think of it and now as well. Unfortunately, “Yelq” bloc mandate frameworks do not allow solving that issue without additional procedures. I myself think what opportunity there is to find out how many citizens of the Republic of Armenia are ready to stand and not allow Armenia’s Azerbaijanification through Serzh Sargsyan’s another reproduction.”

Asked why they took those mandates if they are not enough for even solving the number one political issue of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan Answered: “We have taken those mandates to enlarge its frameworks in case there is an opportunity and use them.”


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