Karabakh Movement shadowy sides

Karabakh Movement shadowy sides

When I write about the 30th anniversary of Karabakh Movement, I refer to the pan-national movement commenced 30 years ago, its leaders, their change, and their behavior during the period from 1988-90. As soon as I write about this all, a part of the readers immediately reminisce the events coming after that – “but the stealing?”, “and the emigration?”, “what about the dark and cold days?”. Firstly, the further historical process is not possible to characterize exceptionally by those exclamations. Secondly, the following rhetoric trick has become widely spread since the last decade – you write about pear, but they “contradict”, saying, why do you not write about apple? I am interested in apples. I want to swear on the apples. Do you have a say? Then say it. I have my topic of discussion, you have yours.

In the previous two articles I have tried to show that Karabakh Movement commenced out of necessity and its role in our new history is positive, overall. Now, as I have promised, I will speak about the manifestations I disapprove of.

1/ Blackmail, which leads to any revolution. If you say this, write this or do this, I will say you are this. Do not dare to refuse, otherwise I will send my punitive group after you. Here is how the “Movement guys” did, afterwards – National Democratic Union, then – Armenian National Movement (perhaps also because the basis of those parties made up the same “guys”), a lot of people act like this. It is the logics of the fight, an unacceptable logic to me.

2/Inability of admitting one’s own mistakes. At the beginning of July, 1988, a mind blowing idea was circulating among “Karabakh” committee leaders – to send a part of their supporters to “Zvartnots” airport. The objective was not abolishing the functioning of the airport, but making the Movement more hearable to the whole world, about which they spoke from the platform of the Theatrical Square. The Soviet special units attacked the unarmed people with the wildness characteristic of them, 22 years old Khachik Zakaryan was killed from the gunshot. Sending people to the airport was a mistake, but later until the present moment, as much as I know, none of “Karabakh” committee members has admitted that mistake.

3/ Making violence possible in the inner political life. I speak of breaking the head of the President of the Supreme Body, Hrant Voskanyan. I will speak about it another time.

ARAM ABRAHAMYAN                

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