‘At the moment, I am a singer and a model, the time will show my future’: Iraqi-Armenian Arman Melikyan on his career

‘At the moment, I am a singer and a model, the time will show my future’:  Iraqi-Armenian Arman Melikyan on his career

Although the relatively young modeling field in Armenia, especially the modeling business, has little in common with Western standards at present, progresses slowly. Our models also participate in commercials shootings, their photos appear on magazine covers, etc. Of course, female models are dominant. While recently Forbes magazine has presented the list of three most popular male models in the world, whose income ranges from 600 thousands to 1 million dollars. Tyson Ballou is on the first place, who works with such brands as Valentino, Armani Versace, etc. Allure magazine has released the list of the 7 most sexy and demanded models in the world, which is headed by Rick Genest, the Zombie Boy, whose body is decorated with hundreds of tattoos.

The guest of “Aravot” is model Arman Melikyan, whose family moved to and settled in Armenia from Iraq in 2004. It has been three years since he is engaged in this field. The 21-year-old young man recalls his first steps: “I was 17 years old when I started organizing my photoshoots, spreading them on Facebook and presenting them in various halls. Then I tried to switch to the professional area.  I applied to two well-known Armenian companies, ATEX and UCAN. The first gave me no hopes, the second invited me to trainings. Here I began to get acquainted with stylistics, defilee, photo-modeling, etc.

Step by step I started participating in fashion shows and received suggestions from one or two halls”. Our interlocutor said that he prefers to work and as he said to support beginner designers since communication with them is easier and more interesting. He collaborates with Varduhi Barseghyan, Anna Avetisyan, Naira Yeranosyan, Samvel Maloyan and other young designers. In response to the question whether he has taken any steps to try his career abroad, the model said: “India was my first try, but it turned out that they are looking for unusual faces. It seemed like it was working out with Italians, but they said that my height is 181 cm and they need not less than 184 cm”. In response to the comment that it turns out that 1-2 centimeters play a role, he said: “There are no trifles in model business, everything is important. There are designers or brands whose demands are illogical at first glance. For instance, 27-year-old photo-model Melanie Gaydos has recently attracted the American model business with her unusual appearance. This woman has no teeth and hair, she is suffering from a unique genetic disease, ectodermal dysplasia, since her birth. Because of that disease, her vessels are narrow, as a result of which she has been deprived of hair, it also negatively affects the teeth and nails…”.

Once we met Arman Melikyan in the “Jesus Christ Superstar” rock opera (directed by Martin Khachatryan) with the role of Peter Apostle. In response to the question whether which field is closer to his heart, he said: “Currently I study at the Khorenatsi University in the Romance and Germanic Department, and attend vocal classes. So far, I have one video, shot for a song written by me. I like both modeling and singing, but it is clear that there is an age-limit in case of the first one. I want to try my skills also in the film industry. Many well-known models have achieved great success in cinematography, for example, Jon Kortajarena has starred with Julianne Moore in the movie “A Single Man”, etc.”.

To the remark that recently it seems natural that an artist acts also as a singer, actor, broadcaster, entertainer, composer…, Arman Melikyan responded: “At the moment, I am a singer and a model, and the time will show my future”.



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