SIPRI: Volume of Azerbaijani arms imports in 2017

SIPRI: Volume of Azerbaijani arms imports in 2017

On March 12, the “Stockholm International Peace Research Institute” (SIRPI) published its own research on the global trade in weapons in 2017, according to which Azerbaijan imported armament of 279 million dollars last year. Israel is the largest supplier of weapons to Azerbaijan: 137 million dollars. The second biggest supplier is Russia, with 128 million dollars.

Arms imports from Russia

According to SIPRI, in 2017, Azerbaijan imported from Russia:

TOS-1A Heavy Flamethrower (ordered 36 in 2011, received 36 in 2013-2017)

BTR-82A IFV ( ordered 70 in 2016, received 40 in 2017)

9M123/AT-15 anti-tank missile for Chrysanthema-S systems (ordered and received 800 in 2017)

9P157-2 Chrysanthema-S anti-tank missile system (ordered and received 24 in 2017).

The Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan reported about receiving only BTR-82A IFV and  Chrysanthema-S systems. However, the Azerbaijani side did not report about receiving a new batch of TOS-1A systems. Instead it displayed TOS-1A Heavy Flamethrower missiles received from Russia, which are not included in the SIPRI database.

According to data of the Russian “Centre for Analysis of World Arms Trade”, Azerbaijan has ordered and received 24 units of TOS-1A Heavy Flamethrowers.


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