‘We should change the rules of the game’: Tevan Poghosyan

‘We should change the rules of the game’: Tevan Poghosyan

“Each time Azerbaijan receives a new weapon from the Russian Federation, it holds military exercises after a while. Another issue is the period chosen for the exercise to take place. And there are presidential elections going to be held soon in Azerbaijan, and Aliyev needs to show something, to show off. The exercises are that “something”, said Tevan Poghosyan, referring to the military exercises launched in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijanis have not warned OSCE member states about the exercises beforehand, according to Tevan Poghosyan: “It was predictable that a similar situation would have been created. We must be able to predict and calculate the steps of Azerbaijan to understand how to protect ourselves from the weapons used during the exercises. On the other hand, perhaps Armenia should declare about bringing its troops to the first degree of readiness, as there is no confidence that Azerbaijan will not launch illegal actions”.

According to the speaker, Azerbaijan continues to prepare for military scenarios, realizing this, the Armenian side should do everything to fail these plans: “We should change the rules of the game.” Mr. Poghosyan noticed that during the NKR President Bako Sahakyan’s visit to the United States, the media should write so much on this fact, that Azerbaijan gets into a fuss.



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